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Handcrafted Gifts we found around the Globe - Helping Support the Culture and Tradition of Artisans around the world

We often find little treasures from around the Globe.  All these little gifts help women, families and communities live better lives.  Your purchase invests in women artisans.  Investing in women changes lives.

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Ok, Ok, Ok, We Finally Made It Onto FACEBOOK!


Celebrate with us as we finally made it onto Facebook!   

When you 'Like' us on Facebook, you're showing continued support of these wonderful women artisans and their unique gifts, this really does make a huge difference in their lives.

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Welcome to our Website Relaunch


Welcome to the re-launch of our site! Be sure and check out our new product lines HELEN BREIL TEXTURE STAMPS or SAMUNNAT BEADS. Look at the tabs on top to see new product lines from around the globe

After years of your support in making a difference for the women of Kazuri, we thought, why not expand our reach? We have searched the globe for high-quality, high-design products that empower local artisans and effect positive change. Despite the challenging situations that disadvantaged women often face, they are nonetheless full of ideas, spirit, hope and vision. Research has shown that creating employment for women in developing countries strengthens entire communities. These factors are what motivated us to create Many Hands Marketplace, a new global boutique within the Kazuri West site

The Many Hands Gifts Story

Clay whistles are a traditional part of the Hilltribe culture. E-Bannok has taken inspiration in creating these handmade clay whistle accessories. Each purchase goes toward providing the Hilltribe people an income, and helps keep their culture alive.
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