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Handcrafted Polymer Clay Beads from Nepal

We are the authorized distributor for Samunnat beads. Samunnat is a non-profit organization which assists Nepalese women who are affected by domestic violence. Each bead is a gift, and a story of one woman's life.

Latest Samunnat News

Kerry Slade Discovers Samunnat


Check out the wonderful article Kerrie Slade, blogger for Bead & Button Magazine, posted about her discovery of Kazuri Kenya beads Kenya and Samunnat clay beads made in Nepal. Inspired by their beauty, Kerrie create a collection of ‘Samunnat Flowers’ as a tribute to the women as symbols of femininity and hope. Perhaps you might use these beads in your own creations! When you do, you support the lives of pioneering women who have created beauty and livelihoods for their families.

Full Story here. 


Please visit Kerrie Slade’s site:

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A personal thank you from the women of Samunnat in their own words.


Read Sharmila's "thank you" and know that your purchase matters.

We are so touched by the ladies comments and we love this photo so much that we plan to have post cards made up soon.  We have more photos and will rotate them on our site.

The Samunnat Story

We are excited to announce a new exclusive partnership with "Samunnat," a truly wonderful and gifted group of women in Nepal. Samunnat, a non-profit organization, was formed as a much-needed resource to assist the many Nepalese women who are the victims of domestic violence. These women produce some of the most beautifully-detailed hand-crafted polymer clay beads we've ever seen. We immediately knew we had to do our part to help usher these beads into the world in a larger way.
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