Latest Kazuri News



All of the dedicated women artisans who handmake our beautiful Kazuri beads are busy creating new beads that will arrive sometime in October. I want to share a big change with you regarding the beads with the 14 kt gold details.  Kazuri will no longer produce any beads that have 14 kt gold.

I only recently learned of the change and thought my upcoming October order would still be produced with the gold, but I was mistaken. Having said that, I have a pretty good stock of beads with the gold details, but wanted to let you know for ordering purposes. If you love the gold decor beads like I do, you may want to think about placing an order for your favorites before they are gone. In addition to the beads on the website, I do have additional beads for my shows, so feel free to ask about additional quantities. I'm happy to check on any of them to add to your order. 

The women who create these beads are very grateful for the opportumity to continue to provide us with beautiful beads and help support their families. Your purchases continue to make this possible!!!