Beverly Poitier-Henderson

A video producer and writer by trade, growing up Beverly loved to collect rocks. However, it wasn’t until she attended a jewelry show of a local Atlanta artist, that she thought about turning her affinity for stones into jewelry. Beverly began with books on jewelry design, then classes and workshops. She discovered endless ways to hone her craft. Today, her bold and striking designs are one of a kind, mainly because creating the same thing twice seems to be an impossible task for her. There’s always a variation on the theme. Her mediums of choice are the famed Kazuri beads, precious metals, gemstones and polymer clay. Kazuri gives her an added sense of satisfaction, because of the seemingly endless variations, and the story behind the beads. She calls the Kazuri beads the beads that keep giving. All who touch them are passing on a blessing.

Beverly lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband who is her high school sweetheart. She named her company, Poitier-Henderson Jewelry after her two favorite guys, her father and her husband. You may have heard of her dad, legendary actor, Sidney Poitier. He loves her jewelry, but unfortunately she can’t get him to wear any of it! At least not yet, perhaps one day she’ll design a men’s line!


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